Freedom lies mainly in the Conservative Heartland (U.S. is far too over-regulated)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Freedom tends to prosper in Conservative States, and falters in states of liberalism... And as individual liberty is a seamless concept; rigid conceptual division between “economic” and “personal” freedoms is unsupportable.

Basically, the recession is over, and we can't cut through the "fed red-tape" to improve state's economies! And what is the Liberals' answer?

Obama's CFPA: The Next Great Leap Backwards for Consumer "Rights"'s Nick Gillespie recently sat down with George Mason University law professor, Volokh Conspiracy blogger, and Mercatus Center scholar Todd Zywicki to get answers.

Just found this from the Freepers....
Of the various facets, some states protect individual liberty more... This index shows that conservative states have generally done better than liberal states:
Recent (2009) findings at: statepolicyindex

Point-to-case, liberal states are nanny states, while conservative states are more tolerant... Liberals meddle in a "one size fits all" which overrides collective bargaining contracts (individual from State to state)...

As time progresses, we will examine the after-effects of what has been described as a partisan bailout; to further assess the determinants of policy change in pro- and anti-liberty directions.

CALIFORNIA: A Liberal majority State not only taxes and regulates its economy more than most other states, it also aggressively interferes in the personal lives of its citizens. California ranks #48 on economic freedom and #37 on personal freedom... On scale of (1-50).

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Emissions credits to bolster state governments... Just coincidentally, most of those are states that go "Democratic" in national elections. read.

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