Flu-Shot shortage, long lines; as horror of Gov. "public option" stares US in the face

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

JSOnline: Mike O’Keefe compares US flu lines w/ Gov healthcare
-Photo: Benny Siey

Wsj: As swine flu shots begin, officials fear shortage

ht: Jim Hoft

Healthcare overhaul: Will US Congress choice be Anabolic or Catabolic?

Fair analogy, as the overhaul objective is to lower premium and medical costs, provide affordable coverage, and reform Medicare... And this can be done in a very anabolic way, simply through environment of state's competition amidst 78% private Insured. This would spark reformation on all levels thus engaging not only higher standards, but a range of plans by entities, with a great deal of experience in offering a larger scope of coverage...

This plan is really the only choice, as leaves Ins Co "Tax-base" still supplying the US Gov, and Hospitals still able to receive foreign paid health services... And avoids mass Insurance Co. layoffs in the private sector...

Increased surplus funds available from increased private sector... would be the correction for "Medicare".. But this would be contingent upon a fiscally responsible Government, ready to trim spending and cease to replicate unsustainable policy...
NOTE: It's becoming obvious that we have yet to elect this, in 2010!

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Allan Meltzer in today's WSJ: "History gives many examples of countries with high actual and expected money growth, unsustainable budget deficits, and a currency expected to depreciate. Unless these countries made massive policy changes, they ended in crisis...
We will escape only if we act forcefully and soon." READ

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