Alternative to U.S. Democrat's Tax System

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

The flat tax revolution has been especially strong in former Soviet-bloc nations, a rather ironic development since a so-called progressive income tax was a key tenet of Marx's Communist Manifesto... Now low tax robust growth.
Image: Estonia (Flat tax)

As U.S. Democrats continue their pursuit of the largest tax increases in our Nation's history... They are fully advised NOT to enter into lock-step with foreign contracts, guarded against by Constitutional principals.

VIDEO: Remember Our History... VIEW.

Dan at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity discusses the Global Flat Tax Revolution... Must View! (alternative to U.S. Democrat's Tax System.)

America's Right posts:
Dan's Latest VIDEO: "Beware of the VAT Tax! VIEW!
(Pelosi's way to pay for unfunded liabilities.) ...Vote them all out!

Globally, there are now 24 flat tax jurisdictions (actually 25, but we didn't know about Trinidad & Tobago when the video was filmed), a remarkable development given the ideological opposition to tax reform from special interest groups and class warfare advocates... (Video: 2008)

I believe that as free and Independent States, we will push for this tax reform in the coming month's elections... And this would be the very best jump start for the recovery of our Nation...

Due to the numerous "special interests" that we observed in the bailouts... It is unlikely that Democrats would choose the flat tax route; but I believe that Americans will choose fresh new faces in Senate & House... As polls indicate.

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