US Dems want Zelaya, they want Odinga... Striking similarities (Kenya & Honduras)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

US Democrats ban Hondurans, and last week they threat/ban 15 Kenyans.

Last week: Obama sends damning list & policy demands to Kenyan target minister; instead of President! Just as Honduran President was denied communication in US...
Backing creates a "power-share"... And take a look at Honduras.

Promises of "spread the wealth" Odinga Rioters took to the streets:
Remembering Kibaki, Media, & associated attempts to curtail violence; as Odinga-supporter riots spiraled completely out of control...

I couldn't help but notice the similarities, as MEDIA has begun to smear Honduran President for his suspend of liberties, while he tries to stabilize Honduras... Thank God no loss of life in Honduras! But just as Odinga supporters took to the streets; Odinga used Media to blame his opponent.

Odinga (Obama's cousin) and appointed Prime Minister in a "power-share" agreement...
Made this comment, last week:

"Kenya’s claim to sovereignty has been undermined by the fact that the government could not provide security to citizens during post-election violence."

He also said: "The US Government is "totally entitled" to take action it deems appropriate against Kenyan officials."

-NOTE: Obama will "scrutinize" all Kenyan loans.

Today, Kenyan Agricultural and environmentalist are subject to US ban, due to reform agenda.
An interesting chain of events (below)

Today's Links...
-VIDEO: US Secures Food imports from Africa: VIEW.
-VIDEO: G8 unfurls 20 billion dollar boost for food production: VIEW
-Obama Favors "Changing rules of exports" at G8- Italy (July 10th)
-Democrats turn off water to 6th generation US farmers:
(Obama creates dustbowl for 1/3 of US food security)

California's Man-Made Drought...
San Joaquin Valley has a new endangered species: U.S. farmers.

Article in Wall Street Journal (Sept. 3, 2009) Read.

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