Saturn Moon's "polar-warming" (Videos)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US trip

Saturn's moon Enceladus, seen in UV imaging spectrograph from 2005 NASA Cassini fly... Scientists examine ice jetting out from the surface at polar regions, (notably similar to earth.)

NASA: Enceladus (Polar-cap warm)

It would appear that 'polar warming' seems to thrive, even if there is no atmosphere; which could present quite a "tricky" challenge for "carbon-based" humans (on earth)... Scientists do not address this polar ice-cap heating as "polar warming." Instead, point to activities beneath, as "origins of life."

Maybe taxing evolution away, is like putting a stopper in Enceladus...
Solutions below...

VIDEO: Enceladus
"Cold Faithful" View.
(As in "US, Old Faithful)

-NASA gives perspective on life on Enceladus: read.

Theories continue to suggest hot-spots, as locales for the Deep Sea Vent Theory, which exist on Earth's sea-floor... Sea=carbon, as Geyser-like plumes eject 11 kil per sec from fissures in tiny Enceladus's south pole; no larger than Arizona.

The only solutions for preservation & conservation, is to HARNESS the universe...Colonization away from earth while widening of our research in groundwater depletions; and expanding research in Astrobiology, while developing sea-water conversions...

From: R.Lorenz; J. Hopkins University (Applied Physics Lab)
"We are carbon-based life, and understanding how far along the chain of complexity towards life that chemistry can go in an environment like Titan, will be important in understanding the origins of life throughout the universe."

Today's Links...
A world of loops & parallels...
Scientists Link Volcanic Eruptions That Formed North Atlantic Ocean to Ancient Global Warming: read.
-Did Life Evolve in Ice? read.
-A few answers here:read.

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