Obama's FDR-style Congressional folly "public option"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

As Obama left & Media paint this debate as a party-line issue... Over 54% say , "No healthcare reform better than passing Congressional plan." Tax-payer holds sign in an Obama State, which says it all.

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Here they go again (from Ace)
Democrats: "Wait. We Have Majorities In Both Houses Of Congress We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Republicans To Pass Health Care"
Story waffles back & forth (riling up the public)

Yes, this is still the same (LEFT) Majority who bragged about making Bush into a financial lame-duck from 2006; after his 17 documented (& thwarted) efforts to reign-in Democrat's Freddie/Fannie election tool in 2005; as (D) Barney Frank, struck it down... 2 years later, collapse of the housing market.

Ht: Gateway
View 2006 video: Democrats cheer after stopping Bush's attempts to reform & allow better investment/privatization, to provide reform for Social Security! (Yes, & "blame-Bush" for Social Sec; too!)

Calculating some efforts in the Bush 2005 Soc. Privatization Act... Seniors might have yielded access to $12,000+ in privately invested funds, (2009.)
Reality: This would have created a rise in private surplus, & a trim-back on Soc. Sec rat-hole earmarks! Dems still want to RAISE, not trim, our deficit.

Vote them out in 2010!
Summary: Basically it comes down to this: "Will your ever-growing Government live better than the private citizens who will pay?" They just want your premium money, and considering Canada's present crisis; successful "care" isn't even a factor of the bill...

Meanwhile... Obama keeps Busing in SEIU Members From 146 Miles Away; to crush the voices of local residents in their districts. Gateway reports.

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