Obama's Dishonest Demagoguery on So-Called Tax Havens

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France

To understand how Politicians can trick the masses: View the Myths of Tax Havens

From Dan Mitchell and the folks at Cato:
The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation has compiled several videos to educate and expose how politicians create false images, and produce stigmas in order to control competition... In their favor.

View (below) another in a series of Video "teaching moments" of the truth about Tax Havens... And worth the view...

From Dan Mitchell and the folks at Cato.
The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation

Dan Mitchell: Why tax havens are good for the global economy. More here and here." and a link to Dan Mitchell's book on:
The benefits of tax competition.

My View: As Obama continues his fast-track against the heart of competitive American business; his administration is creating mass uncertainty by dangling such threatening legislations as "capping the economy and trading our jobs"... All of which continue to produce a profoundly negative widening of mass unemployment, across our Nation...

And anyone else find it rich that the Obama Administration conceals 'public record' follow-ups of those tax evaders of his administration; yet holds audits to find evaders through "stereo-typed" tax havens; commonly used for Int'l business neutrality... And then, exploits them through the Media?

Hope and Change is looking more like a wound, and we must prevent a scar... If Constitutional wizard, Obama, thinks that he is going after "a more perfect UNION"... Americans will be bracing to impact some serious Liberty & Prosperity... Make no mistake about it...

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