And this is the same Admin seeking "complete control" of a citizen data-base?

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Major Garrett asks about a problem of unsolicited White House emails... (Categorically referred to as spam) White House spokesman invalidates the Major's concern... And then looks for a more constructive question. Read.

(ht: gateway: Summary of exchange)

One would wonder how they acquired e-mail addresses, in the first place.

UPDATE: White House Blames Political Groups for Spam Emails on Health Care Bills
Washington, DC ( -- The White House is blaming political organizations like pro-life groups for the unsolicited emails people have been receiving promoting the pro-abortion health care restructuring bill.

(They blame PRO-LIFE?)

FOLLOW-UP UPDATE: This issue is very important as Obama attempts to push a Healthcare plan which will control & stor private Medical Data.

Equally, there remains a growing frustration with Obama Administration's interpretation of our Constitution, which states that "no man is above the law."

Some are observing what might have been intended to be a clever way of getting around the: Presidential Records Act of 1978
From Freeps: Evidently, people using were getting unsolicited emails from the WHITEHOUSE...

Update: See White House privacy policy: at Hotair
That's right... The same Government agency who is proof-positive for failure in its managerial ability over community programs and private affairs of State; can't wait to get control over a widening bulk of (no-Gov. related) citizen's sensitive data...

The people have said... "NO!"

So, how do you like your "Hope & Change?" VIEW SWF FILE

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