В.Путин.Совершил спуск на аппарате; (Obama's 2009 "no energy" energy policy)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

The hands-on investor confidence building of Putin's recent MIR dive, reminds me of the aggressive steps Bush made (in 2005) as had already assigned and completed a five year methane hydrates advisory panel, which provided assessment of the methane hydrate research program… read.

-Viewing Bush legislation: ##
Bush's Nat'l Energy Policy Act of (2005) PDF
And largest Ocean Reserve: VIDEO.

Shock: Obama's nothing policy!
Restricts options: most, a decade away!

It appears that Obama team has limited their energy plans to a speculative smorgasbord of unevolved science. And as the clock ticks they're focused on disguised taxation, closing carbon loopholes, and crack-downs...But I see no creation, just absolute inaction! This is very serious, & we'll soon demand to know just how they plan to "power America" on "weak-worded" platitudes.

Bush: National Energy Policy Act of 2005 PDF
View directional policy, not excluding competitive grants; as Bush signed into law the first national energy plan in more than a decade. The President's national energy plan promoted research toward energy efficiency & conservation; as it moved toward quality solutions in alternative & renewable energy choices... He also encouraged the increase in domestic production and modernization of the electricity grid; which promoted the expansion of nuclear energy... read.

NOTE: Although the Bush Energy Act passed with wide support from Democrats; Obama & Pelosi leftists thwarted expansion of nuclear, & domestic. Clean Gas hurt their "carbon credits" and wind "hurt the birds." But spending billions to explore wheatgreass" & white-paint for "global-warming" is accompanied their whine about a "non-existent" bush energy policy.

Bush completed every task to the finish... He completed proficiency tests toward gas hydrate systems, including both fracture-shale accumulations and potential low-saturation deposits in sands... And explored the level of success of the combined geologic / geophysical prospecting approach used in the selection of expedition targets...
While the Obama-Pelosi team purge...
Renewable Act 2005: Meet Congress CO2: Read.

More about Putin's MIR dive...
Mission to 1,395 metres... Chunks of gas-hydrates, discovered during one of the expeditions, lie on the lake floor. Their extraction is complicated, however... It is a strong greenhouse gas and its extraction is hazardous...The resolution of this problem is a matter for future research. read.

Scientists estimate Baikal hydrates contain over 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, an amount comparable with the world's largest discovered gas fields. Mineral extraction is banned in Lake Baikal which is a nature reserve. -CNBC

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