Canvas of Lacroix, Gautier, & Cavalli

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip)

We've created pieces of silk lace tulle, under jersey, scarves, and whisper shawls of pewter tulle, and then of gold tulle. A sort-of detail of 90’s, inspired by some (though less revealing) older Cavalli...

I'm seeing a designer's new diversification of magnificent quality fabrics, hand done, for a world more creative... A canvas of self-expression...

Big screen (if you prefer) VIDEO.
(Video, contains some revealing design')
Cavalli, at end of this clip... (More later)

Today's Links...
Ovation for Christian Lacroix at haute couture show:
I'm seeing an opportunity for Christian Lacroix, and an evolution of fabrics (perhaps) for Dubai? ...Lacroix's beautiful workmanship would make a very good partnership; and as we all know, times will turn around... This is certain... (More later.)

Yesterday's Lacroix, Paris Haute Couture show at (Musée Les Arts Décoratifs) in Salon des Boisiers; was beautiful, but at the same time...Said to be tearful...
"If no saviour turns up, the house will close its doors at the end of July and 112 of its current 124 employees will lose their jobs"

Gautier and Valentino appeal to crisis spirit... #
"But the crisis is the time when one should create new ways of doing things," said Gaultier... As French couturier Franck Sorbier put on a much more limited show, and even dipped into his stocks of ribbons and fabrics to pull together the collection despite the

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