US will only buy what intrigues..

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

I prefer not to drive; but this car (below) might appeal to me... Designed as a 'Seamless Soft Box'; it's Honda PUYO 'gel-body' concept car; hydrogen fuel cell, 4 seater. Shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show... Read.
Image: Eye at the wheel!

And also this, for the passenger: VIDEO
And this for the indoor driver: VIDEO

But when it comes to cars and homes, Americans are drawn to inspirational designs... It's this same passion for uniqueness, that sparks new innovations... And, haha, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Just as Americans enjoy freedom to buy foreign... Evolution of a leaner, meaner, more inventive era; shall emerge... Given our history, Government should take a back seat (pun intended) and get out of our garages!

(Where they never should have been, in the first place!)

Image Above: PUYO 'gel-body' concept car

I like the idea that they can give incentives to Corporate, industrial, and Government vehicles; to transform to "green"... But private autos carry liability and risk that the public should not be pushed, by the Government, to make...

A little "give" for that inexperienced driver. ;)

And even within an industry, that expanded too large to adjust to a changing market... I'm completely for widening all options... That is, importing a variety of vehicles, while we expand our own individual designs...

A bankrupt GM downsizes (its cars, too)and finds that small is beautiful: read. Taking us through the transition toward electric, and other environmental technologies...

Today's Links...
Chinese company to buy Hummer! read.
China is amazing, and only one of a few countries that DOES NOT believe that America must die, in order that they can do well... They HAVE NOT spent years discouraging our dollar, or disrupting our country via our media... As with Japan, I look forward to our individual (or) shared successes...

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