Libs stifle 'Full' Nat'l health Care debate

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Libs eye healthcare, through limited choice. As Nat'l healthcare advocates push a bill based upon ONE subjective view-point; keeping those who enjoy their current health care, out of the discussion... They're after the money of the insured; to create a partisan "FREE!"

Image: Hippocratic bowl

Sounds like two different programs, to me... Free should be alternative health; and those who pay, should acquire medical health... And when you consider that pharmaceutical companies must reinvest to evolve...

..."FREE" (without placing inventory limits) holds research back decades...
Their only plan is not giving proper say, to those who pay...

Ht: Video: Gatewaypundit and Founding bloggers...

Not really sure how a group can claim to be of inequality and equality; as will manipulate to suit their objective... VIDEO.

But I see many ways to pay for healthcare, rather than limiting choice, and impacting a "bail-out" ... They all integrate Free Enterprise,and actually increase employment; rather than impact mass layoffs due to destruction of current Insurance industry...

They are everywhere you look...
Natural Solutions Magazine: Many ideas.

Many advocate the practice of holistic health care, and subscribe to a Long term care policy; such as my Grandmother... She has locked-in a fee for quality medical services, for over a decade... A furthered reason why we cannot regard all forms of choice, as "only ONE choice"...

Today's Links...
China has much to contribute to U.S. Alt. healthcare… Preventative medicine is important to all... Latest Med. info: read.

More about Alternative Health Choices: read.

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