House Democrats shut GOP out from introducing amendments to spending bill

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

This shut-out comes at a time when polls show that U.S. voters:
"Trust Republicans more than Democrats on economic issues" read.
Those weighing in have said, "This is the first time in the history of our Republic that this has happened."read.

Developing: Democrat Abuse of Power...
From Ed Cantor's blog:
"In a completely unprecedented fashion, House Democrats have used their power as the majority party to shut out floor amendments from the minority party on spending legislation.

Right at the beginning of the debate, House Democrats decided to go to the Rules Committee, to report out a Structured Rule and shut the House GOP out of the process.

This is an unprecedented abuse of power by the House Democrats. Every American - every American of either political party or of no party at all - ought to be deeply concerned over this action."
Mac explains...
"In parliamentary proceedings, such as congress it is typical that both sides share their arguments for or against the proposed bill and introduce amendments to the bill. The benefit of parliamentary proceedings is they ensure that the minority view is heard. What has happened here is that the majority temporarily changed the procedural rules from blocking the Republican minority from voicing their concern or offering their changes to the bill.

Instead of even allowing amendments to be proposed (which the Democrats could overrule with their majority) they are fearful of going on the record opposing common sense changes to the legislation so they change the rules to shut out the opposition and avoid the inconvenience of having to answer to their constituencies for opposing sensible legislation.

This is extremely rare behavior in the house (in both Democrat and Republican majorities) and, unfortunately, this behavior is also showing up in state congresses across the country including NY and NC." Read more.

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