Help! Obamacrats at wheel of enterprise!

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Now that Obama camp has terminated 40% of U.S. Dealers, they've impacted the onset of a great truck/SUV shortage... read.

Image: GOP "Sinners" car

And now, in the interest of "NO competition allowed" for Americans... Will they spark HIGH fuel prices to sell little "KILL" cars on the public? All in an attempt to punish anyone who doesn't buy one in next two years...

Really one of iowahawk's best Vids! (Haha)

Next stop? The health industry...
And YOUR health care... Buuaaahhhh!!!!!

Consider this a test drive for Obamacare!
O (One) B (big) A (Awful) M (Mistake) A (America!)

Solution is not painless, but achievable!
#1) Let this country heal on its own... Let private enterprise correct itself! This can be done with a drastically pared-down Government; and application of an immediate flat tax! Left to its own devices, the markets would have PURGED-OUT this 11% toxic "Liberal redistribution" debt... This is (and was) the nature of Tea-Parties, and GOP minority strives to STOP this massive debt-addition.

All parties need to intervene to curb this Administration's spending... Reminding: Many countries (such as Russia) also have 100 billion deficit.

Equity strategist: Boockvar, "Thanks for messing us up, Uncle Sam!"
AUDIO: Podcast: 6/16/08

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