One half million more jobs kick to the curb; driven by ambiguous 'change' schemes

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Politico's Obama Blog: 539,000 Job Losses 'Employment Doing Well' read.
Making Bad News Good....
Because 'bad news (for some) is good!

It was the weight of massive 'Social policy' that targeted US economy; as evidenced by WE survivors, who did not take this direction... And while freedom of option is proven to help markets better repair; we are seeing Obama Team's ambiguous new tax and shifting rules, strip employment incentives... Burdening the private sector like a fire ripping through our Nation.
A must listen AUDIO.

-VIDEO: Those who did not drive this crisis will pay. HERE
-Populations groomed for failure, at the benefit of "bigger Gov. control."
The silenced consensus.... Here,
VIDEO: Democrats voice outrage: VIEW.

Today's Links...
-As King Hamid celebrates World Press Freedom Day...
-Obama celebrates "Faithful Press Corps Day"

Bahrain is encouraged to use truthful words and upright conscience; Obama gives a surprisingly direct appeal to reporters dictating:
which angle they should take in their coverage. read.

Instapundit says, "Some people think Obama has gotten a little too dependent on chumminess from the press. And no matter how good you are a dictating, only a dictator could make a mountain out of this budget-cut molehill."

THE EX-JOURNALISTS NOW WORKING FOR OBAMA. Leaving a dying industry, the press, for a growing one — government.

World Press Freedom Day is a time to honor strives, but instead...
Obama kicks China and Azerbaijani to the curb...
Attitude of the president of the country which is Azerbaijan's strategic ally is

MEDIA'S OBAMA PRESS COVERAGE: As Massachusetts welfare recipients provided cars at taxpayer

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