Obama's Deferral Proposal: Hamstringing American Companies

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

This, from Dan Mitchell at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, as he explains how the current administration's misguided policy will reduce exports from America and reduce jobs in America... Particularly with their proposed "deferrals restrictions."

Dan Mitchell outlines this current administration's crippling US Tax policy which proposes to 'severely restrict' deferrals... Aiming to cause a significant tax increase on American companies, trying to earn market share in other nations... For all intents and purposes, the White House plan is protectionism, but the target is American companies rather than their foreign rivals.

1) American based companies will become less competitive
2) Foreign companies will take businesses from American firms.
3) America will have fewer exports
4) Fewer jobs for American workers

With Republicans in a very minority position, majority of Democrats will need to STAND UP to a policy "NO"; rather than a partisan "YES"; before US is completely fleeced by the flawed liquidators driving this administration! Stability of the Nation remains a VERY non-partisan issue... In my view.

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