Atlantis STS-125; Mission Hubble service (V.G. video added)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

NASA nears the last hours of preparation, before Atlantis lift-off; as the STS-125 crew is set to arrive to preform the last servicing of the Hubble, extending to 2014. Interactive.
CreditNASA: Jack Pfaller
"Payload Transferred"

In 2013, NASA's next orbiting observatory and successor to the Hubble, the James "WEBB" Space Telescope; will launch into space, to begin NEW technology, on a NEW & exciting quest... -MORE.

Meanwhile... (re-post)
Our planet's future travel has arrived! And so arrives the opportunity to sail and acquaint with enthusiasm...
View simulation of the VIRGIN Galactic...

More about the James "WEBB" Space Telescope...
As NASA's finest continue to assemble (what is described) a tennis court-sized telescope with cutting-edge technology; they will produce an innovative observatory that not only withstands intense cold, but uses it to its advantage; an observatory that folds up inside a rocket for launch and unfurls like a butterfly opening its wings upon nearing its orbit... - read.

Supernovae and black holes, baby galaxies and planets' potential for supporting life — Webb will help reveal the answers to some of the biggest mysteries of astronomy...

...Preparing the precision path; 2012, 2013, 14; as International team NASA takes Space exploration and innovation, to the next level...
(more later)

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