'WMD Dems' authorize Iraq war, using Clinton’s”1998 Iraq Liberation Act”

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Later became the "Bush War"...
Gateway posts 2007 Hillary VIDEO; as she negates the same Nov. 2007 Iraqi progress data; she 'now' acknowledges under Obama Presidency. View.

VIDEO: Bill Clinton outlines his: "1998 Iraqi Liberation Acct"
Pre-war transcript indicates Dem pressure to remove Saddam.
A long-held Democrat complaint against Saddam:
Gore (1992) slams Bush Sr. for ignoring Saddam’s ties to WMD: VIDEO

Or view their lips move: VIDEO.

"Let him know that Iraqis will rise up to liberate themselves from his totalitarian dictatorship and that the US is ready to help their democratic forces with arms to do so. Only then will the trail of tragedy in Iraq end. Only then will Iraq be free of weapons of mass destruction."


Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
October 31, 1998

Today I am signing into law H.R. 4655, the "Iraq Liberation Act of
1998." This Act makes clear that it is the sense of the Congress that
the United States should support those elements of the Iraqi opposition
that advocate a very different future for Iraq than the bitter reality
of internal repression and external aggression that the current regime
in Baghdad now offers.
Let me be clear on what the U.S. objectives are: read more.

A History of Saddam, Dems find so bitter;
Scrapped from the current White site...
-News Story: Read:

US Documents: Office of the White House Press Secretary:
Life Under Saddam Hussein: Past Repression and Atrocities by Saddam Hussein's Regime; April 4, 2003:
No Gov. archive cache deleted at google!
Gov. archives are deleted & redirected to Obama White House site.

And: "Iraq: Crimes Against Humanity," State Department, May 7, 2002:
Facts on File May 20, 1993; http:
401 page: GONE! No Longer Relevant.

-Democrats delete their own cache of the history of Saddam:
While releasing images of those sentenced for torture at Abu Ghraib.

And look at this:
"Assassination plot against US President" should be detained.
-Scrapped from US. Gov. site archives... Democrats proven wrong by U.S. Prosecutors, that Ahmed Abu Ali wasn't tortured; so not archived.

No "Bush" torture; no need to archive it...

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