'Barney-bubble' Video denial of (2005)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

History will judge this housing diabolical as "the Barney Frank folly."
As Frank led Freddie & Fannie 'systemic-risk housing melt-down', to epic proportions; while doling out billions to fund Democrat's special interests; as was later appointed to use tax-payer bailouts, to fix it!!
Instapundit posts an image by NICK GILLESPIE; that says it all.

ht: hotairEd Morrissey

And then look at this second VIDEO at hotair; as Frank blames it all on...
That's right... The Conservatives!!

We're not only paying for those who didn't qualify, due to Democrat's unanimous decision to stop the reign-in (and reform) of Freddie & Fannie; Barney says that Democrat's "election tool" is our fault, too ??

With respect for the good people of Chicago, who couldn't get this out of their communities, either...I'll call this the Chicagoization of Washington D.C...

The Chicago machine is ALSO issued this warning... READ.
I see a HUGE rise in "UNAFFILIATED" replacements in 2010!!

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