Warning of inhibiting flow of capital, with damaging off-shore investment legislation

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

A Must read article at Forbes... here (excerpt below)
Especially as Obama and Brown are on their way toward impacting some of the worst (and most damaging) off-shore investment legislation...
Again wrought with unintended consequence... Perhaps designed to create a 'repaired image' of trustworthiness; during 'never-ending' bail-outs...

But restrictive policy could negatively impact (as is stated) "crucial channels for inward investment into major economies; which attract international institutional investors to investment funds that support economically productive ventures, including many in G-20 economies." read it all.

A Healthy Economy Needs Offshore Financial Centers article
Mr. Jennings writes:
Here are the facts. Cayman Islands companies help American businesses, and fund managers in particular, compete for and service an international client base. International businesses with stakeholders from several countries frequently have to choose where to incorporate a business without giving any one stakeholder a "home field advantage." Also, many international investors will not invest directly in a U.S. company for a variety of good business, tax and legal reasons, such as class action litigation risk. Cayman solves these problems by enabling businesses and investors from around the world to form an entity in a neutral jurisdiction with stable political and judicial institutions, a deep reserve of local professionals, and a legal system that safeguards the rights of creditors and investors.

Cayman Islands companies engage in a range of cross-border business transactions. For example, they help Boeing (nyse: BA - news - people ) sell aircrafts to emerging-market airlines; enable U.S. corporations to access global markets more competitively; enable banks to make secured loans to finance power projects in developing countries; and help hedge fund managers to attract international investors. These transactions support thousands of jobs and ultimately generate taxable business activities in the United States and other G-20 countries. read.

Also... Mr. Jennings explains that Ugland House simply provides companies with a registered office address as required by local law, a law similar to that of every U.S. state. A single building in Delaware, for example, provides a registered office for over 200,000 companies...

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