Obama's disarming response to Jong-Il rocket incident; Flips position in Prague

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Timing is everything...
Any amount of firepower at NKorea's disposal, is mostly aimed at Seoul and Tokyo; strange time to lead Kim Jong-il into believing that his actions have enlightened America to reduce its arms.

UPDATE: Obama is still on the campaign trail... He's not giving America the same response as he gives here; almost as if he is working against American's reaction to his initial press releases; to correct his negative US polls: VIDEO.

Looking through the eyes of a very integral Asian community...
They have a dangerous neighbor, of whose populations believe that death is preferable ...A strong US position, shows support for the community, and less for the worst revolutionaries who continue to validate lawlessness...

Besides testing the mettle, Jong-il is advertising North Korean furthered interest in ballistic missile technology for any prospective customers on the open market. The only market North Korea has... But I can tell you, the absence of strong efforts toward diplomatic diffusion of these 'attention gettings', is not sending the correct message to this Regime, for violations of Int'l boards...(Enter Obama's upgraded response in Prague. He's addicted to thunder; and this will seperate Americans from their liberties.)

'Diplomatic' Platitudes...
While reduction in arms is a worthwhile goal; timing of this reaction is largely smoke & mirrors to reduce the absence of tough action to dissuade NKorea from shooting off their big bottle rocket; and then touting platitudes that Obama is going to rid the world of nukes...

WHAT MANY ARE SAYING: "This is making the world dangerous if leaders are willing to retreat, appease, anybody, anywhere, on any provocation, in order to avoid standing for a definitive position... See: videos and letters to Iran, Reset/Overcharge buttons & semi-secret letters to Russia, openness to negotiation with "moderate" Taliban, signals of opening up to Cuba, entertaining the idea of the dollar's end as global reserve currency, trying his best to forget that Iraq exists, and laying prostrate for the EU. -- All this adds up to quite the opening for North Korea to get in and get some while the getting is good... "Hope & Change" or "Mope & Blame" ?

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