Obama sees 'glimmers of hope' for US

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

But I believe that the markets benefit without constant Presidential & Geitner speeches... Obama team sees "Gloom/doom" or "Rays of hope"
-We see investor cycles. read.

The Left's timing carries mixed Messages:
If markets drop 500 points; there's a renewed push for HUGE Global warming tax...

If America's unemployment raises a point or two; Legislation to import hundreds of thousands of foreign workers, arrives on the Senate floor.

As armed Mexican drug Cartels flood into our towns; they push to strip US citizen's defense.

Today's Links...
ht: Glen Reynolds
Tea Parties, a Deadly Threat to the Public??? read.
More at: legalinsurrection ...

ht: ACE:
Democrats monitor scary fellow citizens who protest tax and spending hikes... But responses to hijackings, or Int'l terror (not so much.) read.

James Pethokoukis:
Unemployment, Democrats and the 2010 Election read.

And last (in case you missed it)
From pjtv:

The "Shut-up" VIDEO... HERE!

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