Getting inside of pirate's heads, as 100's of thousands of neighbors go without aid

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Never mind that the U.S.-flagged container ship anchored off the coast of Somalia is carrying items to feed hundreds of thousands of starving people in Somalia, Uganda and Kenya... Liberals pose a rather odd way of analyzing the situation which (basically) holds the entire shipping community and regional west, at fault for "pirate actions."

Liberals contend that pirates and their associates, are the "real victims; now said to have earned somewhere between $30 to $150 million in ransom, dangerously seizing more than 40 commercial and private vessels off the Somali coast... in 2008, alone. (fig. source)

IMAGE explanation (see below)

As the Liberal 'Obama and Team' analyze Pirate's actions; the mistake they are making, is the belief that they can 'suspend the situation' to handle the root cause (and only lay focus to that) .. All other solutions will fall into place... Interesting wsj article.

-But this is a huge error, as lacks the basic understanding that a cooperation of that idea will be REJECTED by the pirates, themselves! Meanwhile, "hope and change" does more for the Pirate's "operation" as Commander-in-chief, weighs actions; as if they were equal to aid operations... The situation worsens.

IMAGE (explanation) Somali Child Pirate, on board?

After glancing at footage of Pirates who hijacked the USAID ship and; at this writing, hold the Captain hostage... It seemed unusual that footage purposely avoids showing this particular Somali Pirate and weapon in the same frame... After splicing together, and enlarging this photo...

He sure doesn't look over 'ten years old', to me!
If I am correct about this Pirate's age; this (alone) is a HUGE violation of Int'l Child Protection Laws! ...And PROVIDES EVEN MORE REASON WHY THIS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED, IMMEDIATELY!

Waiting on our new Commander-in-chief!"

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ACE weighs in...
"But he can't distance himself. He's the president, not a senator, not a community organizer, and not a candidate for president." read.

Ace also points to Jenjhis' thread: How to stop Piracy: View.

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