Pakistan must be viewed through the context of 1979; Video: Malou (Cato)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Pictures Pierre shot in Pakistan during his nearly 2 years stay in Lahore. Tribute to Pierre (at end)
Image: Amir Mukhtar (Lahore)

Understanding the legacy of the Soviet-Afghan War, and how its aftermath strained relations between Washington and Islamabad, can shed light of ways to move forward in Afghanistan today, and extricate U.S. troops from this volatile part of the world... read.

AUDIO: A logical look at Afghanistan: LISTEN

AUDIO: Advice to Obama: Afghanistan and Pakistan: Listen.

Malou Innocent, a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute , visited Pakistan late last year to get a better sense of how developments within Pakistan shape its foreign policy toward the United States...

Those of us that missed the era of 1979-80 seem to be more apt to look objectively... Malou Innocent states, "In the future we should take Afghanistan as it is, rather than what we want it to be"... To me, this means helping to bring stability to the region; as will reflect the 'best of its history'...

VIDEO: There are solutions: View.
Many do not want to hear what went wrong, thus do not have a correct grasp of a solution... What Obama Should Do in Pakistan read.

And that solution might very well look like this:
"Rather than "surge" into this volatile region, the president should consider the strategic and political significance of Afghanistan's surrounding neighbors and engage in regional efforts to broker dialogue... AUDIO.
VIDEO: Obama's Latest statement- View. (Hope he listen's to Malou.)

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