FAA quietly bans 'bird-strike' info; because "Public wouldn't understand the report."

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
Ace HQ posts: Story from Wired:
"It's bad enough some citizens are under suspicion of being terrorists every time they board a plane. But despite the Obama administration's pledge of government transparency, the FAA thinks the public is too stupid to understand the data." read more.

From FAA March 19th Federal Register:
"The complexity of the information warrants care with its interpretation; releasing this information without benefit of proper analysis would not only produce an inaccurate perception of the individual airports and airlines but also inaccurate and inappropriate comparisons between airports/airlines."

But look at the VIDEO I found!
"At one major U.S. airport, authorities are using a unique method in their attempt to keep bird and plane from ever meeting." ...Wow.

In my view, it shows how much the earth's magnetic-field is weakening...
Incidents: from 1,759 in 1990 to a record 7,666 in 2007... But just as earth shifts; so does the birth of inventions. :)

Any vehicle that flies is subject to bird strikes. Helicopters to the largest cargo jet and everything in between have all suffered bird strikes. Shattered windshields, punctures and engine failures that are caused by bird strikes are up nine percent from 2007... This will be solved very soon, I'm sure...

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