On two week travel (Blog will auto-post)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (return travel to France)

Leaving in the A.M., to move my paintings, art supplies, travel easels (etc) from Moujan studio (France).
And (of course) to visit my mother.

D. Worth (in California) will check auto post; as I consider an Int'l journey to paint & volunteer for my charities...
This will link to travel promotion...
(More later)

Image: Always a new door opens

... After Friday, blog will be set on auto-post (March 6th to 20th). While away, 14 posts are placed in pending file, depicting 'travel areas' of interest...

I've been so very fortunate...
And for every journey that each day brings...

I wish you a new happiness... -mb.

VIDEO: May every day be special, wherever you are..BIG SCREEN!

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