Administration's tax-cheat epidemic
Old Video: Is tax in America voluntary?

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

Even Liberal citizens are questioning Majority Congress on tax-policy...
Of course the leadership goes aggressively after citizens; but a whole new hidden tax law applies to ranking Administration "tax cheats."

Failing to file for several years, should mean that officials are unqualified to serve... And based upon "voluntary compliance" tax avoidance shows "tendency and attitude of failing to yield to the will of others"...
And in my view, runs counter to requirement (and oath) of representation of office...

Even a first year lawyer could win a case, to remove them...
(But could they get an ethics hearing?)

Extension filing is not for extending payment of taxes; and only formally granted twice (when accompanied by plausible request.) Did Sec. Treasurer, and tens of others appointed to ranking positions in Obama Administration; pay late filing penalty (negligence penalty) and interest for all those years?

Keep in in mind, Freedom of Information Act requires public servants to provide outcome of tax violations; to restore & uphold our citizen's laws.

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