Newspaper Boys force free market change (1899) -Without a bailout

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Newspaper boys were the main distributors of newspapers to the general public from the mid-19th to the early 20th century, in U. S... Eight major N. Y. based newspapers, who competed for readership; were the New York Post, New York Times, The American, The Evening Journal, The Press, The Morning Sun, New York Herald, N. Y. Tribune,
(And dozens of smaller press papers.)

Image: 2nd generation Newspaper boy
St. Louis (1910)

Newspaper Boys Go On Strike
The Newsboys Strike of 1899 was a youth-led campaign to force change in the way that (D) Joseph Pulitzer's and (D) William Randolph Hearst's newspapers compensated their child labor force.

The strike lasted two weeks, causing Pulitzer's New York World to reduce its circulation from 360,000 to 125,000. The strike was successful in increasing the amount newsboys received by selling papers. Newspaper boys, also called newsboys or newsies, circulated from street corners, walking through neighborhoods and hawking their papers throughout every city. They first appeared with the rise of mass circulation newspapers.

Newsboys tended to be among the poorest classes of society, often seen sleeping on the streets...

Not acting as employees of the newspapers; they purchased the papers from the publishers and sold them as independent agents... Not allowed to return unsold papers, the newsboys typically earned around 30 cents a day and often worked until very late at night. Cries of "Extra, extra!" were often heard into the morning hours as newsboys attempted to hawk every last paper... -Credit: (Nancy Groce)

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If Newspaper boys can impact a better free enterprise system; so can big papers... Never read where anybody bailed these starving kids out...

If Newspapers want to survive; they should keep their franchise; and make a move or loose! I suggest, moving to an electronic system...
"Kenneth Bronfin, president of Hearst Interactive Media, hints that portable, electronic news readers "will be a big part of our future." more.

VIDEO: How Electronic Ink Works: VIEW.
As (D) Pelosi eyes bailout for Newspapers; Bundle distribute (socialize) your papers, or they will OWN what you print; with bail-out money!

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