Forbes: 10 Riskiest Economies (SPDR's)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Interesting video at Forbes...
Preston Keat, Director of Eurasia Group; discusses the biggest political risks to watch in 2009 (recommended reading: Keat's, "Fat Tail".)

The best Nation for business was #2, United States… With US congress, forming new administration; some risk dragging weighs upon both Democrat and Republican investors, as congress retains inexperienced.

Steve Forbes says, "President Obama should take a cue from his hero, Abraham Lincoln" and... Discharge Incapable Commanders

Russia fell 17 spots on Forbes list, due to misplaced regulation, worst protection of investment… Additionally; when they don’t have much money, they turn more aggressive (abroad.)

VIDEO may roll onward to the Financial Adviser Network Sector, Surfing With ETFs Customization: Select Sector SPDRs cut large cap stocks into nine slices.

Today's Links...
This A.M. -Fed Bond Buying Perks Up Asia Stocks
Americans should look at their Administration's moves, as global investors; and ask the appropriate questions...(more later)

All of these homes need to be sold at auction for cash...
That is the bottom and the beginning of the turn-around.

Posted by jerrywilkins
Housing Hope In Southern California

Obama's Latest Troubling Appointments With The FDA
Bad Bugs From Overuse Of Drugs
China's Dirty Little Secret In The Global Economic Crisis
Social Science 101 For President Obama

PS: I'm staying on in Europe for another week...
Enjoy your day, and think positive thoughts...

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