They'll get back with us on the "transparency pledge"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France (US trip)

Trapper's question points to the "Obama transparency" and the request for copies of waivers and disclosure forms for ethics and their guide-lines... This, amidst this administration's tax-cheats, raises questions on cabinet appointee requirements; and of those who might regulate our industries...

Jake's question receives Obama-spokesman's reply:
ht: Video: AceHQ.. And Hotair who has more.

As Democrats prepare to saddle future generations with billion$, from undisciplined present; questions regarding ethics amidst numerous law-violations; come from all political parties...

""Do you have a more pertinent question?"

Though several hours ago...
The press is finally asking questions!

Today's Links...
Chicago mayor refuses to release stimulus project list:
A wish list of "shovel-ready projects" to spend federal economic stimulus funds on (should Congress approve a plan.) Unlike hundreds of other cities, however, Daley said Chicago won't make its list public. read.

Goldberg: The Great Overreach
Charen: Responsibility? If Only
Murdock: Don’t Let Nancy and Harry Steer the Ship of State
It is the State which give powers to the Federal Government; not the other way around...

Integrity is essential for US recovery. Americans will not allow this to go over-sighted. We will continue to hold them accountable... (more later)

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