Open source Gov. would trim HUGE waste

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

"Temporary & Targeted" bailout wasn't 'fathomable.'
Partly because the failed schemes that we must eliminate, are the actual Government officials who RAN them!
VIDEO: Virtual Explanation of US Process of Government: HERE

Seems to me that 'waste and spend' does not meet with our approval; while excess government creates a "club" out of our successes; and then demands that we pay the tab for THEIR mistakes! Think of it... Software doesn't need billion$ for jets and pay, for (often) 14 day a year jobs...

Cutting 'trillions' in abuse, might evolve to a moderate form of this...
Drawn from an interesting concept: Metagovernment project. read.
"This form of democracy, called open source governance, does not entail traditional voting or majority rule. Instead, people may help govern any community as much or as little as they wish by creating, discussing, and supporting proposals. User input is weighed by other users through a scoring system and brought to the attention of other participants interested in that input.

-Please explore this site for a deeper understanding of the mechanics of this system —you may use this map to do so." read more.
CONCLUSION: It would be astounding to examine how much debt we would trim, by implementing consensus through synthesis; and thus eliminating a multitude of governmental players...

Needs a little work, but hey... Not HOPELESS like what we have now... As leaders bury our futures deeper with their sought-out legacies; our only legacy will be how we transformed the current climate, to give our children a future from Governmental debt...

Those before us today, sought a society free from communist seeking controllers, who want to manipulate every aspect of our lives...Let the people remain the strongest contributors to the workings of Government!
(Get Gov. out of our way!)
Delete: Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Franks, ETC; TODAY!

-HOW DID WE GET HERE? (Opens in new window)
VIDEO: Great view of America: Freedom from Fascism: VIEW.

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