Recovery, or 2010-12 election strategy?

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Harry Reid claimed in 2006:
"The days of the do-nothing Congress are over."
As they became majority: 2006, 2007, 2008...
And now 2009; I would suggest that they've spent most of these Crisis leading years as Majority House, Senate, & Congress, in hot pursuit of anti-energy, election strategy, and little else... but, perhaps this: read

And now Pelosi's Obama's Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced his decision to delay the American people’s ability to develop their own energy resources... read.

ht: ace highlights an important statement from:
Institute for Energy Research...
Now is Not the Time to Delay New Jobs, New Revenue
This comes on the heels of Secretary Salazar’s decision last week to cancel legal energy leases in Utah—leases supported by local Utahans who want jobs and affordable energy. Americans may begin to wonder why this Administration is against affordable American energy supplies and the quality jobs that produce them.

Calla Wiemer, makes logical suggestions for Democrat policy: #:
"Geithner, to his credit, emphasized in his written testimony the importance of consumption stimulus in China. He would do well to stick to that argument going forward and exclude further pronouncements on the exchange rate. Meanwhile, rising health care and education spending in China present the prospect of greater demand for medical equipment and educational aids."

"This suggests the U.S. might do well to pursue a negotiating strategy focused on intellectual property rights and a freer market for ideas the better to exploit its comparative advantage – instead of a trade war rooted in a wrong-headed assessment of the yuan." read more.
Today's Links...

A $trillion and 10 hours later...
Fed chief insists credit-loosening efforts working
Houston Chronicle, United States - 47 minutes ago
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress on Tuesday that a flurry of radical programs aimed at busting through ...
So far, so good, on credit moves: Bernanke says MarketWatch

Don’t Mess With the Census
FOXNews - Feb 9, 2009... prescribes a census be taken to determine the population of the states once every ten years in the manner the US Congress shall “by law” direct.
Why Obama Wants Control of the Census Wall Street Journal

Remembering 1998: VIEW.

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