Oh and, remember that vote...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

UPDATE: Closed-door autocracy will eventually be stopped...
The bill will be corrected, and their word will be kept; or their seats will be at risk... Americans have driven this out, time and time again...

Francis Cianfrocca: "By committing himself to an orthodox and politically-compromised stimulus package, he’s lost his greatest opportunity. As an advocate of free markets, I can’t say I disapprove."

Gateway: read!
90 Percent of Republicans and 60 Percent of Independents Oppose Obama Economic Recovery Plan

NOTE: The economy is entirely correctable...
"But doesn't trickle down to the Government."
Step-by-step: Government compromise & seizure: examined.

Francis Cianfrocca stays: "Increasing the deficit by spending is the wrong answer. What’s the right answer? Easy as pie: Cut Taxes Radically."

Buried into the bill! Dems promise GOP adjustment. VIEW.
UPDATE: GOP Senators Shut Out of Stimulus Conference more.
gateway: Promise broken!
"Democrats would have been forced to come up with a better bill."

Liberal policy chooses dependence over productivity, and for years have diminished jobs, manufacturization, elevated our dependency on foreign providers, as they outsourced our Nation; while making a Monty Hall out of of our financial markets....
As the incompetent Government bloat... unfolds.

More by: Francis Cianfrocca:
Kevin Rudd’s New Socialism
"The US is entering a period of “soft inflation” alongside of the asset deflation which is already evident. Because of the twin uncertainties (the future value of money, and the future scope of government control over the economy), it’s difficult to construct a case for investing in greater productivity in the US." read. But it doesn't have to be this way... Dems should stand out of the way, and stop hindering US recovery, NOW!

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