Left Media headlines Palin daughter's itemized snowmobile trips; And Chicago whitehouse corruption? (no story)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

Left Media MSNBC Network too busy reporting on Palin's family outings, to report the "REAL" NEWS. VIDEO

They've pursued stayed on the tireless Palin report; while Obama personally selected and supported a roster of potential criminals, tax evaders and tax cheats. But "mums-the-word" as felons of their party either fade into obscurity, or remain in office, to handle the bailout.

Richardson, Geithner, Daschle, Kellifer, Jefferson, Solis, Burris, and now, (D) John P. Murtha, are now household names; but the roster of shame goes on...

In the Senate, Chris Dodd remains in charge of the Banking Committee despite having received a major financial gift in the form of a sweetheart mortgage from a bank which then collapsed... Now his Irish cottage...

In the background is a roster of former lobbyists named to high government positions within days of the Obama announcement that lobbyists would be excluded from the halls of power...

The President has been no more forceful in his dealing with Congress. Despite protestations of honest government we still see that the chief tax writer in the House of Representatives- Charlie Rangel – not only evaded taxes for years but now it seems that his disclosure statements were inaccurate- the same offense for which Sen. Ted Stevens (Alaska) was convicted.

It is fair to ask if Obama has actually shown less concern for ethical government than any president since Warren G.Harding. As a leader, responsible for setting the tone of official Washington it is apparent that Obama is failing to deliver the change which he promised and that his Chicago roots may be showing...

LIVE AMERICANS WILL OUT-VOTE ACORN (2010!) End Media bailouts.

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