Utilize Preventions to Avert Hardships

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

I live in community (in the states) with ecological systems to help regulate nature; thus providing alternatives to a host of 'earth disaster' scenarios.
Its fortress of water (away from the ocean) helps regulate flooding, fire, quakes, and theft...
-This photo (from boat) is route to its access.

(PHOTO: A little dark & blurry)

VIDEO: Today, fellow Californians, in furthest south part of the state, were caught in severe flooding... Loose debris, trapped in street ducts and water mains, was unable to make its way to clear after a severe storm...

Point-to-case... We are inhabitants sharing Nature, responsible for making our environment habitable... Always double-check your community...

The prevention of environmental hardship, often relies upon some of the smallest changes, such as: removal of dry-brush, restructure and reinforcement of support beams, and securing of foundations...

The November tea-fire jumped (away from) and spared my friend's home, due to a recent dry brush clearing. Now, as flood season starts; utilize preventions, to make sure that adequate drainage is not over-looked...

At Grandmother's (North) coming home in Jan... (next year) :D

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