Rain, Sleet, or Snow; Get Food to Shelters

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip!)

I've changed this post, but the message is the same... I see America (as with many countries around the world) getting through the troubled spots; but it will take our help, to make a difference...

Artists Helping Children: List of Shelters.
It is a blessing to donate whatever amount of bulk foods (canned or bundled goods) to one of the many shelters set up to help the temporarily displaced... You might consider arranging a delivery, or helping with delivery; or perhaps starting up a food drive for shelter pick-up, until many are back on their feet...

Many Charity Food Banks: serve over 5,000 families a month.

Costco Grocery delivers: Bulk and Canned Goods

You can order by the 10 lb. bag: And arrange delivery to shelters.

Even if for just one day, we must help others over the rough road.
Thank you.

It's finally Snowing at Grandmother's!
Posting this lovely little video (below)... And wishing you warmth, and good thoughts, whichever holiday or kindness you celebrate... :)

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