Easy 80% Vote for Schwarzenegger (2012)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

This transformational leader would sweep in an election for President.. I say 2012!
Regardless if US is likely to have had its fill of "change" (Haha)

View 60 Min Interview: RadioVoiceOnline

Arnie's remarkably positive attitude & direction, won-over Californians of EVERY party; as they voted unanimously for this Conservative Leader. Especially after the exit of a corrupt (D) Governor!

Personally, I've doubts over CO2 reduction at onset of ice age...
But hey, I'm expecting that he'll push Californians toward being one of the "first of 52" to excel in (much needed) advanced technology...
And view video -below- (Haha) ...Simply great!

VIDEO: Schwarzenegger's Green Challenge: View.
VIDEO: Governor Tours Solar Plant: View.

We need to have a 'one-time' new rule exception for presidential qualifications... Perhaps qualifying those who have served 2 terms in high office... (He wouldn't dream of failing to show his birth certificate.) (Haha)

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