Global 'enthusiasm & delegation' (is weak)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (USA trip!)


A few miles (via horse) from Grandmother's country home, I came across this lovely little abandoned 40 acre ranch... On the right (beyond white fence) lies a 3 story Victorian structure...

In every area of the world that we see a stand-still, we see a lack in strong delegation skills... Imagination flourishes within it, business skills cannot evolve without it; and within every element of peace and prosperity, successful 'delegation' has served to support it...

Follow the Green Path! Americans must support US businesses, to turn this around! And new administration must look more deeply into how the network of prosperity is interwoven around the world... Assisting others to do well, will help us all.

Today's Links...
Democrats are in control, but where's their Habitat for Humanity? read.
Site says that the "US section is currently inactive"... With the millions who have lost their homes in naturael disasters... Talk is cheap, but successful delegation is the most important element in any program...

Schwarzenegger declares fiscal emergency
Democratic legislators again dismissed some of Schwarzenegger's proposals to ease labor rules on business in order to boost the economy... Republican lawmakers, who last week blocked a Democratic proposal to cut billions of dollars from schools, health care and...more.

Chinese vice premier, U.S. treasury secretary discuss bilateral co-op:
Chinese Vice Premier and President Hu Jintao's Special Representative Wang Qishan and US Bush envoy prepare for upcoming Fifth China-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue and bilateral cooperation. more. (Arnie should travel along.)

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