Missile Shields May become Common

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (USA trip!)

Einstein was unclear how the danger of nuclear attacks would be solved; only that nuclear weaponry might be a deterrent... But now, as more Nations are acquiring ballistic missiles; the only prevention for attack is the missile Shield...

Today, the US would not be a Nation to attack, as this NEW (and exclusive) US technology defense plane interceptor can track the exact coordinates before the in-coming missile has left its launch pad! With time to place a courtesy call saying: "Are you sure you want to send that missile?"

The Missile Defense Shield uses a completely different technology:
Cuffy, a Missile Defense insider, dispels rumors, and provides his professional take on the situation… And says:
1.) We are NOT attempting to shoot down a thousand-missile swarm of Soviet ICBMs; we ARE shooting at a handful of rogue missiles.

2.) We are NOT using space-based ray guns, particle cannons, disruptors, lasers, blasters or phasors; we ARE using space-based sensor satellites to detect that handful of rogue missiles.

3.) We are NOT shooting nukes at nukes; we ARE using sheer kinetic trauma to obliterate a missile with a warhead-free interceptor. Think two refrigerators slamming into each other at 15,000 mph.

It's a different world, a different threat, a different strategy, and a different technology. Knowledge is king. Read Cuffy’s archives: HERE.
And Wow! Looks like successful US Missile defense capabilities of today, beat the Feb. 2009 box-office release of this Movie!
We have it, and continue to perfect it; contrary to this Video's FEARS!!

FINAL NOTE: Proliferation Treaties are noble, but will still leave dangerous weaponry in the hands of rogue nations... The world is less safe due to those who defy nuclear regulation... But if sponsors and jammers would stop selling the technology, they wouldn't feel threatened by those who have the right to shield from attack... And might (instead) use their influence to prevent Rouge Nations from developing or obtaining ballistic Missiles...

Bush Resurrection of Missile Defense was designed to help all Int'l Nations to develop independent Defense from attack... And to reduce the need to rely upon infinite defenses by the US military... And likely to prevent spring-board attacks against the US... We are all as safe as our capability to shield (rather than strike back.)

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