Silvio: "There are a lot of expectations that he should not disappoint"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

When asked how President-elect Obama might get along w/ his Russian counterpart Dmitri Medvedev, Silvio replied:
"I think there is going to be good co-operation."

Mr Berlusconi, who was in Moscow for economic talks, assured Senator Obama that bilateral ties between Italy and the United States would "continue to grow & strengthen'' under new administration.

The people heard, "Giovane Bello e Anche Abbronzato" -Video.
But missed the 'true message' of Berlusconi; who in fact, is the most trusted friend of EVERY prominent world leader...(see below)

The world touts Obama as a 'Messiah', while Berlusconi's counterparts, & fellow world leaders, recognize "O" with guarded optimism.

Image: Alexander Zemlianichenko (Kremlin)

(Pictured disturbing the hair of Dmitry Medvedev)
What was said...
Mr Berlusconi warned that Senator Obama would have to deal with inflated expectations from a world that had portrayed him "almost as a Messiah". more.
US Liberal Media compares Obama to Truman, Roosevelt, & J.F.K; but in true fact; Obama's service of "145 days in the Senate" finds his first and (so far) only accomplishment; a Presidential win!
But hey, we wish Obama well...We could ALL use an economist Messiah! :)
He'll just make very short trips...

A world without Berlusconi, is a world without humor...

And then all we will have, is this:
Iran Speaker Slams Obama Remarks On Nuclear Issue

ps: I forgot to publish this post... So is an old story...

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