Friday News Snippets (haha)

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Canada's Immunization Against Recession (Infrastructure Fund)
(As usual) Brilliant Conservative Government at Work... Obama too?
The study shows that even a combined $2-billion tax reduction would produce fewer jobs and a lower economic stimulus than $1 billion dollars spent upgrading roads, bridges and water mains.

This is good news for the federal government as it looks at ways to cushion the impact of a looming recession without dipping into the red. more.

Wegmans lower cost on hundreds of items. CEO Danny Wegman and president Colleen Wegman said, in a joint statement, "During difficult times like these, it's okay with us if we make a little less money. story.

Bush's Dog says farewell to Liberal Media...
Friendly Barney waited 8 years...

Frank James (Chicago Tribune) has more.

A small touch of reality, for a very difficult job...
They know who they can trust...
Puppy sleeps under a US soldier’s hat and rifles.

[Enlarge] Goran Tomasevic
Loc: Baquba, in Diyala province. (N. East of Baghdad)

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