Perspective: La planète bleue

Duration: 15:00 Recorded: 09 July 2008
Location: Kenitra, Gharb-Chrarda-Beni Hssen, Morocco...

Dolphin image: By Photographer, Iliko Popkhadze

If humans could fully understand the communications of dolphins; we would hear them speak of laser-beings that twinkle like ice-castle city-lights, sending signals throughout the quiet deep.
-At 5:30 of this clip...
View these extraordinary creatures and waters where man has stepped-up his quest for understanding... If resources are to be sustained for future generations; exploration of ways to encourage natural rest, recovery, & rebuild of our oceans; is found there.
Have a wonderful day, people...

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Scripps Scientists Discover Rich Medical Drug Resource In Deep Ocean Sediments... Cancer Killer Found In The Ocean; as Biomedicine scientists identified and sequenced more.

Whales evolved biosonar to chase squid into the deep:
Whales that cause Predation of their food source, are forced to perfect their sonaris part of the cycles of which they sensory, system. read.

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