Endeavour Arrives at Ca. AFB (me too)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (US!!!)

Homecoming in California!
The NASA Crew touched down at 4:25 p.m (EST)... Of course, my trip was much less Lengthy... (haha)

NASA:Tony Landis

Caption: Space shuttle Endeavour taxis at Edwards Air Force Base; arrival Nov. 30, 2008; concluding the STS-126 mission... This image captures Endeavour's drag chute as it deployed as the shuttle touched down the base's Runway 4.

VIDEO Update: Outside the Base Someone posts double sonic boom from Reentering Endeavour Shuttle!

Endeavour's landing delay, due to weather, was carefully monitored at a variety of landing options. #1 preferred: Kennedy (shuttle's home base) #2: Here in California (Edwards AFB); and #3: White Sands Space Harbor (New Mexico.)
About a week before every launch, more than 40 NASA and contractor employees fly out to the alternate landing sites... read more.

Video a Perfect Touchdown: HERE

Actually, arrival images are still in camera; and may post something later (depending) :| ...Then departure to Grandmother's!

Found an interesting video:
The adaptation to weightless environment for STS-126 Mission Specialist Don Pettit; as he incorporates aspects of fuel technology...
For something as simple as a cup of coffee...
(Video Credit: NASA)

The crews at the ISS continue to develop more and more that will help improve effects of adaptability for future colonization...
It seems logical that the human body is also restructuring as well...

We've come a long way...
Scientist & Astronaut -03...
"Coping with return to Earth Gravity"

Image: NASA's -Ingals

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