Congratulations Steele! (Chairman RNC)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

The Man of Steele!
Steele (a centrist) just elected GOP party leader. Confidence in businesses & people; rather than empowering big Government...

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Gateway has the video:
Chairman of the G.O.P. Acceptance Speech VIEW

Judging Steele's policies and examining the poll figures which best represent the checks & balances of election 2009's undecided; Steele might have provided job stability today, had he run in this election...

I believe that we'd have likely seen Stock Markets stabilize, providing the sort of confidence employers needed, to avoid job cuts...

And look at this VIDEO:
Left Media (once again) fixates on... (yawn) "skin-color" VIEW.

-VIDEO: Remembering Steele's Speech in 2006...(prior to Obama Run)

Today's Links...
Gatewaypundit: Here come the Trade Wars-- Expansion of Welfare State & Nationalize Health care: Read.

More tax cheats for the Obama Administration: Tom Daschle
"Why do they choose these people for jobs that MUST represent integrity?"

Shaking their fingers at companies who have leveraged everything (pre-bailout) and place the funds back... While Democrats empower felons, tax-evaders, and lobbyist funding...
-VIDEO: Where are Chris Dodd’s Mortgage Papers?? VIEW.

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