US Media’s 'tweaked' Priorities

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

US Media is too busy questioning which store Palin made her shoe purchase, to address Obama's (on-going) FEC Voter Violations. Serious questions concerning Senate ethics violations, go unchecked.

John Stephenson ( indicates that "the media hasn't issued a single report on a man who has been campaigning for President for two years now; but can find Joe the Plumber’s tax woes within 24 hours"... This data, invaded privacy, and found its way into Obama's speech- rally to crowds...

Congrelosi (The worst poll = the worst unchecked power.)
She's bored with gathering less than a Majority Dem House & Senate win; but neglects to recognize that 89% loathe her BAD policy; and over 62% will do something about it, NOW!

Speaking of America's access to documents... We can find volumes of legal info rather easily; but never in our Nation's history, has there been so many criminal associations for any one person; seeking the most important office of the United States...

Latest Video from RNC:

And speaking of taxes... Matthew Vadum with Capital Research Center's Foundation Watch says, "Ironically, ACORN and its affiliates, all reliable cheerleaders for higher taxes, are longtime tax deadbeats. A search of public records found more than 200 tax liens adding up to more than $3.7 million are associated with groups that share ACORN's address on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans." read more

Time for a little laugh with Jody Miller (NewsBusted)

And last...
(D) Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship: read.
Evidently Legal papers won't be needed for the 44th Presidency?
-These simple legal documents, never presented:

1. Obama's "vault" version (cert. copy of "original") birth certificate
2. a certified copy of Obama's Certificate of Citizenship
3. a certified copy of Obama's oath of allegiance."

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