Hasselbeck Meets in the Final Stretch

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Just met a couple more female Conservatives & Democrats for McCain. And we agree... Sadly, it took a near loss of our country, to come together to defend its principals and constitution...
-Video (below) hotair posts Hasselbeck’s intro of Palin:

As the US Election nears… It appears that verified facts are the new Leftist enemy as they deliberately stifle and suppress other's Freedom of speech! And if they are so great, why do they need to employ five major Media outlets? Or promise key rewards in exchange for endorsements? Or solicit Felon inmate's votes, or sign-up transients to the polls, against State rules?

Government cannot give you Utopia... Many here in Europe are eager for retreat from the mire policies that create "over-all" poverty by "over-taxation."

Please Vote like you appreciate the principals of Freedom that made America great, and vote like you know that Freedom, prosperity, and hard work are ONE American choice...
And welcome PUMAs! Time for McCain/Palin-08!

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