LIVE: Presidential Debate (Nashville)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

1-2-3.... Live Debate is over...VIDEO

I go with the man who can meet in the middle... And who knows the ravages of war, enough to know how not to invite it... Today, from the Middle East to Asia; Conservatism, and 'jumps' toward new-found capitalism, strive toward prosperity...

Global Nations slowly abandon the mechanisms of Socialism; and are doing so with a widening middle class; and a depart from years of failed cycles of trying to find enough tax-payers to cover it all... Reform is needed, and not rioting voters. McCain's plan to get to the root of today's crisis; by buying up mortgages...Is (in my view as a home-owner) essential to all steps forward...

First, it will stop the devaluation of properties, strengthen dollar, keep credit in a turn-around... And this is encouraging to people, businesses, and stability of populations... Also, McCain may not win the vanity debate, but he won balanced Foreign policy, hands down...

-UPDATE: Slublog: An economist sounds the alarm!

The Town Hall Debate: Two McCain Successes Washington Post - 1 hour ago Before the debate began, I wrote down two questions to guide my judgment of McCain's performance. First, would McCain be able to raise questions about Obama's views and values without being snide...

LIVE: Presidential Debate (Nashville)And now, a little Newsbusted Humor... Enjoy your day.... (More later)

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