Leftist Media Reform: Another Reason to Vote McCain

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Typical left-Media focuses on Leftist booing of Palin & her 6 year old daughter; and non-story (below) amidst serious questions re: recent Obama/Ayers $600b ACORN connect.
Willow & Palin: Philly Flyer-Game

Leftist Media controls largest information distribution...
What they choose for consumption, is what will overshadow their Candidate's mis-speaks, risky associations, & trample on our Constitution; by focusing on "non-issues" which (in case below) translates to defense of Trooper who tazed a child...

Palin in her own words: VIDEO (Same Media with "GOD" issues)
Media neglects to print that the council reviewed, and found this unworthy of subpoenas, and further action.

Gateway says, So, why a "Corrupt" media? more.
"Here's why--- In all of the reports today on this non-scandal not one of the mainstream media outlets have included this vital information: Full"
ht: Gatewaypundit

Gateway says, "Not one liberal media outlet has mentioned that the investigation was tainted from the beginning. Not one.
That's corruption.
The governor did nothing wrong in firing an insubordinate employee." Read."

American Left-Media is destroying our Country, friendships, and economy, with misinformation! Palin holds a degree in Journalism, and is qualified to help raise Media standards... Now!

Irony: A media that censors & screens half of America, while criticizing Saudis for censorship; when Saudis would have 'seriously' defended a tazed child!

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