Hint: Dem Congress Delays Mae/Mac Hearings (Until after Election)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Palin scares the Democrats... But not for the reason the Media pretends! It's 'because' of her experience!
Image: Halm/Getty

Smile now Congress... Because getting Gov. profiteers into court, i.e: Fannie Mae/mac; and reforming the old flawed Carter Law... is Palin's expertise! Rasmussen: 59% Would Vote to Replace Entire Congress: Report
(And just an election away!) VOTE!

Meanwhile, today's dancing mortgage ads:
"We got the bail-out!! Type in your information, and see how cheap your existing Mortgage will be" (if you qualify.) ...This is change?

They need Obama & 5 media outlets, to hold back 89% of American homeowners who hold legitimate mortgages; sabotaged by Democrat's "11% election toy"... The Dem's incompetent vision of "free Give-away" trashed competitiveness of our fixed rates... And OVER 60% of voters will respond accordingly on Voter's day (November, and January!)

Dem Congress Delays Hearings on Freddie & Fannie (Until after Election)

Rule #1: Don't EVER Vote for a party who believes that they will do better, when the economy is BAD! It's a future strong-arm.

Look at this article: An economist sounds the alarm!
With actions designed to restore confidence in our financial markets; in my opinion, I am seeing Media creation of a considerable fear about the underlying strength of the U.S. economy...

Found this little map, in the archives of Democrat's Sup-Prime Hell:

One of the many ways Dems sold their "creative financing" was using a "Red-state" map. Everybody knows that BAD mortgages wouldn't pass the Republican test...
Image: from Actual Ads

And last... Obama's Redistribution Policy (Mrkt-kill?)
After the Bailout: Is Obama Depressing the Market? Story
James Pethokoukis weighs the crisis of the 80's:
"But in 1980, we chose to unleash the free market through lower taxes and less regulation. And the stock market boomed, as did the economy. In 2008, we may as a nation choose the opposite path by raising taxes on business, big and small, and on the financial markets through higher capital gains taxes." read more.

Vote Like You Understand 1776, people!

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