Palin: Determined Spirit of our Nation

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Too many false rumors to correct here...But none are actually relevant to our Nation...
State and National Members Of Palin Truth Squad
But I can say that America must rid our Government of those seeking private gain...

...Over the determined spirit of our Nation.

U.S. Senator DeMint, from South Carolina #
(One of Mr. Obama's colleagues) writes:
Mrs. Palin's leadership and record of reform stands well above that of Mr. Obama... Mrs. Palin used her veto pen to slash more local projects than any other governor in the state's history. She cut nearly 10% of Alaska's budget this year, saving state residents $268 million.

Mr. Obama delivered over $100 million in earmarks to Illinois last year and has requested nearly a billion dollars in pet projects since 2005. His running mate, Joe Biden, is still indulging in earmarks, securing over $90 million worth this year.

Yes, Palin Did Stop That Bridge Read.
Gov. Palin cut Alaska's federal earmark requests in half last year, one of the strongest moves against earmarks by any governor. It took real leadership to buck Alaska's decades-long earmark addiction....

Obama cries that we are "picking on him" but we are not picking him at all!

He said that he would fire anyone associated with his campaign for attacking children; but turns his head, when polls dip.

Video: Todd Palin Speaks Out for the First Time

Only a party not too far right and not too far left, as Mccain/Palin mavericks; can unite our States now... And at an important time in history; reducing (not enlarging) the size and spending of Government...

HT: Hotair
Concerning privacy, Meghan McCain explains what happened to her...

Personal Note: I'm thinking that I would (perhaps) be one of those given Dem's 'proposed' 54% "leave tax" for residing part of the year away... When the cost of living abroad to care for family is much, much, more... Democrat's huge violation of Freedom, does not consider the impact upon Americans with families in Europe. Or maybe Obama is pimping our freedom for election support?

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